Our reason to be


We believe in Cannabis as a key element for sustainable social and economic transformation.
We believe in knowledge and innovation to make it possible.


Leading and promoting sustainable industrial change through Cannabis.


To create a strong, sustainable and socially committed community around Cannabis.

CannabisHub - Our reason to be


Leading knowledge generation

through competitive and transversal projects. The nature of the Hub allows an active position in the search, creation, development and execution of competitive research, transfer and innovation projects.

Service Facilitator

related to the cannabis field.

Talent pool

from the students of the training institutions themselves, but also by attracting talent interested in the courses offered.

Organization of events

to promote the lines of research and technological development among the different partners of the cannabis sector.

Coordinate the industry

and commercialization with the objective of promoting legislative reforms in the field agreed

Promote the development of innovative projects

between Hub members.

Reference in training and education in the field of cultivation

creating training with the presence of researchers from the research entities present in the Hub, but also of professionals from the companies that make up the Hub, allowing the creation of training and education itineraries specific to the crop, based especially on the needs of the sector.

A benchmark in knowledge and technology transfer

through conferences, congresses, seminars, workshops, licenses, etc.

Cooperation in training programs

for the research and technical staff of the Hub members.

Become part of the Community

Being part of the HUB and adding to the change is very easy.

CannabisHub community - structure and governance

General Assembly

- HUB's highest governing body
- A and B members
- Minimum one per year

Strategic Committee

Decision-making body with chairman, vice-chairman and secretary.
A-members, maximum 10

Technical Office

Business Development

Committee of Experts

- Consultative body made up of experts from different sectors
>Technical, social and administrative consultancy.

Scientific Committee

Formed by researchers delegated by research entities.
Defines the main lines of research of the HUB.
Scientific consultancy

Our Team

Irina Moreno

Agrotechnology Coordinator UPC

Montse Solsona

UPC Agrotechnology Area Promoter

Rubén Valenzuela

Confudador and CTO Valenveras

Natalia Lavie

Cannabis Hub Manager

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UPC Address

Parc Mediterrani de la Tecnologia. Escola d’Enginyeria Agroalimentària i de Biosistemes de Barcelona C. Esteve Terradas, 6. 08860 Castelldefels. Castelldefels. Barcelona.

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