International reference talks on medical and industrial cannabis.

CannabisTalks 2023

Wednesday, March 8, 2023. Vertex Auditorium. From 11:00 to 17:30


Inner Knowledge

Bernardo Soriano, S&F Abogados

Current status, progress and expectations regarding the regulation of medical, industrial and adult-use cannabis in Spain

Oier Aizpurua and Markel San Nicolás, Sovereign Fields

Creating a Cannabis Living Lab

Antonio Sancho, Mifco BioBrands

Tissue Culture: how to improve the medical Cannabis supply chain

Luis Matías Hernández, Tricopharming Research

Biotechnology and Mother Earth, the perfect combination to optimize the metabolic and physiological aspects of Cannabis

Carlos Ferreiro, Phytoplant Research

Applied research in the cannabis value chain: transforming data into solutions

Frank J.P. Houben, Aptus Holland

Optimisation of phenotypical expression of specific hemp CBD varieties by customised plant nutrition and bio-stimulation program together with a development of PCS monitor and control system.

Marçal Plans and Ruben Valenzuela, Valenveras

FT-NIR portable revolution

Daniel Gil Villar, IBMCP

Use of Cannabis Seeds for Sustainable Development

International Knowledge

Guillermo Moreno Sanz, Khiron

The Path to Ananda

Alexander Klima, Flowery Fields

Tissue culture - The art and science of pathogen-free micropopagation

Andres Israel, - Global Cannabis Holdings

Tokenization and capital raising in volatile times

Pierre Aulas and Gonçalo Fragoso, Portocanna

Building a medical cannabis ecosystem

Carola Perez, Two Emotions

Medical cannabis: how did we get here?

Stefan Martin Meyer, Phytoflow Gmbh

Cannabis & AI

Viola Brugnatelli, Cannabiscientia

How do we move cannabis from stigma to healthcare

Rachele Invernizzi, South Hemp

Growth of industrial hemp sector

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