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CannabisHubUPC: Innovation & Knowledge to Share

At the CannabisHub we want to take advantage of the transformative potential of this plant to join forces and establish new ways of relating to create the best tools and work systems that allow us to develop innovative and viable hemp alternatives to current social and economic models. Join this unprecedented initiative.

Working Groups

Working Groups are one of the main tools of collaborative innovation within CannabisHub UPC. With the same objective, different companies and professionals work in coordination for a common benefit. These are the main Working Groups we are currently developing. If you are interested and want to participate in them, join the HUB, join the change.

CannabisHub Community

Objectives of the CannabisHub UPC

Our 4 pillars

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Being part of the HUB and adding to the change is very easy.

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Parc Mediterrani de la Tecnologia. Escola d’Enginyeria Agroalimentària i de Biosistemes de Barcelona C. Esteve Terradas, 6. 08860 Castelldefels. Castelldefels. Barcelona.

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